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White Fabric

ANTI-X SILVER’s filaments are fully enveloped by 99.9% pure silver; it must only be washed very infrequently,

only when it’s covered with excessive dirt. 

Your Silver Mask/Silver Baby Wrap will perform its best if you keep it in good condition,

store in a ziplock bag and keep it in dry place while not in use.  

The pure silver content will oxidize over extended time and slightly darken.

This is NATURAL and will not affect the performance of the product. 

 Wash your hands before touching the Silver Mask/Silver Baby Wrap as it is SILVER.

Please avoid oil-based substances, greasy hands, as stains may otherwise occur.

Hand wash, use no chemicals/detergents, hang-dry, NO tumble dry or machine wash, NO ironing.

Frequent washing may gradually reduce the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties in the fabric. 

The color of your Silver Mask may change due to the pure silver characteristic, yet it’s safe to withstand 30 washes.

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