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  • ANTI-X SILVER Baby Wrap

    Early Bird Special Offer for the first 1,000 customers at HK1,380/gift pack, and while stock lasts.


    - Gift pack include one Anti-X Silver Baby Wrap valued at HK$1,380

    - One pair of Anti-X Silver Baby Mitten FREE, valued at HK$280

    - FREE valued at HK$280


    Size: 0 to 6 months


    The Anti-X SILVER baby wrap, as the second layer of defence for the baby, hooded, is perfect or near-perfect to wrap the baby from head to toe, to protect the baby especially in high risk public places such as hospitals, the fabric is enveloped by 99.9% pure silver, is able to rapidly destruct viruses including coronaviruses, certified by Italian health authority, it is luxurious yet natural and comfort, extremely soft, strechy, good for new borns to 6 months’ old babies, high air permeable, and suitable to wear on baby skin, contains no nano-silver, non-toxic.


    However, this is not a medical product and is not conform to medical standards or certifications. We assume no product liability. For reasons of hygiene, returns or exchanges are not possible.


    As the material is of limited supply, we are rushing in more fabric to meet the great demand. You may pre-order it now and expect delivery in the next 30 days or earlier. The offer ends as long as current stock lasts.


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