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About Silver Mask

The Anti-X Silver Mask deploys Silverguard® which is fully enveloped with 99.9% pure silver, its unique material structure technic leads to the rapid destruction of viruses including coronaviruses. The unique fabric is probably the only truly antiviral fabric available in the world to destruct bacteria and viruses including coronaviruses only in minutes. Results show that just after a few second the incubation of the virus is being destructed, and in minutes, the virus is significantly reduced and the virus-inactivating effect against the bovine Coronavirus ward recorded, no residual viral infectivity was present, with virus titer reduction corresponding to an inactivation ≥99.99% as determined and certified by Italian Health Authorities (IZSVe). The material is also tested and certified to meet the strictest human ecological requirements. It was tested according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ®. Reusable & withstand 30 washes.

How Does Silver Mask work

The Anti-X Silver Mask filaments provide a good tear resistance. Because of its high silver content it destroys bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses. All fibers of this product are fully enveloped by 99.9% pure silver, giving this product a total silver content of over 20%. The oxidation of pure silver leads to release of silver ions. These are positively charged, while bacteria and viruses are negatively charged. The silver ions are therefore attracted to bacteria and viruses like magnets. This allows for the silver ions to attack the viruses very quickly, and destroy the microbial with extremely high effect. The silver ions penetrate the membrane and attack the DNA of the Coronaviruses, making it impossible for them to replicate and thereby rendering them harmless. This happens in only seconds. In only minutes, the membrane is ruptured and they are fully destroyed. This has been determined by viral laboratories and Italian Health Authorities (IZSVe). 

Your Silver Mask is the near-perfect second layer of defense to protect you from deadly virus, beautifully soft, luxurious, extremely delicate and natural, and has an ergonomic design for best fit. 

While this product provides viral destruction, it does not provide water droplet repelling or bacterial filtration. We therefore recommend the use of this product best in combination with a disposable medical mask. 

Simply wear your Silver Mask on top of your medical mask as a cover. Store your Silver Mask in a ziplock while not in use. 

More models applicable to other Good Mask products is available NOW.


Silver Mask contains NO Nano-silver, silver chlorides or any other potentially harmful substances. It is 100% natural and non-toxic. However, this is not a medical product, hence medical standard report is not available. We assume no product liability. For reasons of hygiene, returns or exchange are not possible. 

— Destroys Coronaviruses ≥99.99% in minutes, Proven and Certified —

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