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The Anti-X Silver Baby Wrap, as the second layer of defence for babies, is hooded and perfect to wrap from head to toe, gives babies maximum protection in high-risk areas such as hospital and public places. The filaments in each yarn are fully enveloped with 99.9% pure silver. The silver content is over 20 times larger when compared to many silver finishing in other ordinary fabrics. That is why the destruction of viruses, including Coronaviruses, happens in only very few minutes, as determined and certified by Italian Health Authorities (IZVSe). Furthermore the product was tested again for virus filtration efficiency (VFE) in a Hong Kong Laboratory and certified with virus filtration efficiency  (VFE) over 99.9%. Other metallic silver/copper fabrics, claimed to be antiviral, are not silver enveloped but merely treated with a solution or coating containing a small amount of silver/copper, which will have limited effect and allow the small silver/copper content to be washed away easily. Reusable & withstand 50 washes.


This Anti-X Silver Baby Wrap acts like a cocoon to protect babies: It is luxurious, elastic, extremely soft and comfortable. It meets the stringent STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® class 1, qualifying it for prolonged contact with baby skin. It is completely natural, non-toxic and contains no potentially harmful substances like Nano-silver, silver chlorides or other chemicals with negative cytotoxicity effects. This is the most critical factor for baby apparel. However, this is not a medical product, medical standard report is not available. We assume no product liability. For reasons of hygiene, returns or exchange are not possible. 

Wrap your baby with the Baby Wrap, hood your baby’s head when needed. Place the Silver wrap in a ziplock when not in use. 

We care about babies as much as you do. This silver baby wrap probably is the first and only rapid and natural second layer of defence to destroy coronaviruses ≥99.99% on earth, so far.


Please check with our customer service for pre-order and expect delivery in the next 30 to 45 days or earlier. The offer ends as long as current stock lasts.

— Destroys Coronaviruses ≥99.99% in minutes, Proven and Certified —

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